KAF’s puzzler this week is less about knowledge and more about thinking outside the box – kind of like a holding midfield Marshall.

(By the way, if you’re looking for the answers to last week’s poser, you need to go find the poser itself, now catchily called: Last Week’s Poser

Below are cryptic picture clues for 12 clubs from the main four divisions in Scotland and England. Apologies but due to these being conjured up by our football-addled brains, we doubt Google will be able to help you this time. So, grab yourself a cup of tea, a pen and paper and see how many you can work out.


When you’ve got them all, email us your answers at and you could win this week’s massive prize*. At the very least, you can subscribe to the KAF SEASON TICKET MEMBERSHIP SCHEME so you can be one of the first to get an alert when the next poser is set.

If you give up, no problem. You can either sit and stare at the pictures in the hope something clicks while your tea goes cold, you can go old school and wait till the answers are revealed next week OR – better still – you can email us and we’ll tell you the answers. Then you can print off the pictures and baffle your mates. We won’t say a word – honest.

Either way, mail us on and we will add you to the KAF SEASON TICKET MEMBERSHIP SCHEME so you can keep up with everything we publish – Lucky! Go on…

* The massive prize from last week was left unclaimed! This means we are DOUBLING IT. Yes, you could win double the no trophies that Tottenham have won in the last decade. In other words; Nothing.

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