Q: Since England last won the World Cup, in 1966, the letter X has featured in the surname of only EIGHT men on the England teamsheet (senior caps).

Can you name them all?


Q: Which of those eight ‘X-Men’ has the fewest England Caps?

If you’re determined to work it out, we salute you.

When you have, email us your answers on and you could win a massive prize*. At the very least, we will add you to the KAF SEASON TICKET MEMBERSHIP SCHEME so you can be one of the first on the teamsheet to get an alert when the next poser is set.

If you give up, that’s your call. There are THREE things you can do: You could trawl Google to try and find the answers (if you can be arsed); you could go old school and wait until we publish the answers OR – better still – you can email us and we’ll send you the answers. Then you can memorise them, call your mates and set them the poser. Your secret is safe with us.

Either way, mail us on and we will add you to the KAF SEASON TICKET MEMBERSHIP SCHEME so you can get the heads up every time a new poser is on the site. Go for it.

* The ‘massive prize’ is the same as all the trophies Tottenham have won in the last decade all rolled into one. In other words, nothing.

For the answers – scroll on down…

SSSH! The answers are here.

How many did you get? More to the point, now you have the answers, how many will your mates get?

(in chronological order) Graeme Rix; Mike Duxbury; Kerry Dixon; Lee Dixon; Graeme Le Saux; Jason Wilcox; Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain; Trent Alexander-Arnold

Extra-time Puzzler: Jason Wilcox

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